Food Safety

Mack Farms & McMelon growing operations and growing partners adhere to food safety and sustainability best practices. All of our operations are committed to providing customers and consumers safe and responsibly grown produce. One of the many ways we are able to achieve this is our ability to trace our products all the way to the customer and where the products originated.

Mack Farms continue to have all operations score in superior and excellent percentiles on annual 3rd party audits from accredited certifying bodies in the food safety industry. Primus GFSI Certified for Field, Ranch, and Packing House operations each year at all of our growing/shipping operations. We also recently received an excellent rating by the Florida State Department of Agriculture as a Certified Safe Handler of perishable produce.

Mack Farms is a Certified Organic Handler by QCS for Potatoes & Onions. Annually we are evaluated and inspected to ensure we maintain the integrity of organic produce. We only source from accredited organic operation.